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Level Best Live Shows

August 2022

"What a great show Level Best put on for us at Bluegrass in La Roche this year!"


"This is a really accomplished band honours each musician's personal story in the history of Bluegrass over the last 40 years."


"Great individual singing and instrumental playing is perfectly matched and enhanced by the arrangements, harmonies and general stagecraft of a group of musicians who have been building a fine show for a few years now, and who clearly enjoy the chemistry of being together on stage."


"In spite of earlier rain, a large crowd stayed to watch their set and gave the band an enthusiastic ovation at the end."

Christopher Howard-Williams

Founder and Chairman at

Bluegrass in La Roche

IBMA Board International Member

La Roche Logo_edited.jpg

Level Best's banjo player, Ed Lick, offers commentary about his experiences at La Roche at 0:46.

Level Best's Music on YouTube

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